I'm not usually someone who gets behind the 'National Day' craze. Oh it's pink Starburst day or take your goldfish for a walk day, however, this one gives me a reason to talk about one of my favorite things: soft pretzels.

My absolute favorite pretzel of all time is from the carts outside Yankee Stadium - nothing like grabbing one after a game on the way to the train back up to Poughkeepsie. Coming in at a very close second is a Mickey pretzel, but getting one of those requires a plane ride...



National Pretzel Day is such a big deal, even USA Today has dedicated some time to talking about its history and growth over the years.

Every April 26th, we're given a pass to indulge in a twisted carb-filled snack, sometimes dusted with cinnamon sugar, other times with salt, as we collectively celebrate National Pretzel Day. As we get in the zone for this year's celebration, let's see where the best rated local spots are, and find out who's offering discounts for the day.


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National Pretzel Day, April 26th

Pretzel rolls, pretzel bites, Bavarian variety, sticks, chocolate covered, stuffed, or the traditional twisted pretzel, and not to mention when they come with an assortment of toppings and sauces; from beer cheese to mustard, hummus to icing, you name it! The low-carb/carb-free life can wait.


To celebrate National Pretzel Day this year (2024), some of our favorite spots are offering some sweet, (maybe salty) deals.

  • Auntie Anne's - rewards program members are entitled to a free original or cinnamon sugar pretzel on 4/26, limit one per person.
  • Wetzels Pretzels - they are NOT messing around, deeming April 26th 'National Wetzel Day' you'll be entitled to one free Original Pretzel per person from 3pm to store closing. They're also celebrating their 30th Anniversary on Friday April 26th. In other pretzel-related news, did you know Wetzel's has their own food truck, and they're running a special contest where you can try and have the truck visit you?
  • Philly Pretzel Factory - Remember, they just opened in Rockland County! One free pretzel or twist with no purchase necessary on 4/26.
  • Eastern Standard Provisions - I ordered from this company during the early days of the pandemic, and have been cooked ever since. They are an online site with no storefront, but you can score a 30% off for a delivery of twisted deliciousness on National Pretzel Day.

If those options above were KNOT enough, let's take a peek at some of your favorite spots to get your pretzel fix in the Hudson Valley (and if we missed your pretzel provider of choice, please let us know and we'll be happy to add them to the list!).

Six Hudson Valley Hot Spots for Hot Pretzels

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