On Wednesday we celebrated the first day of summer.

We had listeners call in and tell us what signifies summer for them. One listener called in and said the first country concert at Bethel Woods, which happens to be today with the Zac Brown Band. I personally feel that country music is the superior genre when it comes to summer time playlist. All the great summer songs are about sun, summer romance and of course partying. What are some of your favorite country summer songs to rock out to at the beach or during a BBQ?

For me it ranges anywhere from Little Big Town and "Pontoon" to Brad Paisley "Old Alabama." Check out my summer playlist below:

"Pontoon"- Little Big Town: This song literally screams summer. A boat with some beers? That's how I want to spend my summer days.

"It Don't Hurt Like it Used To"-Billy Currington: Last summer I listened to this song on repeat while on vacation in North Carolina. Also, Billy Currington is country musics biggest beach bum. Automatic summer song.

"Old Alabama"- Brad Paisley: Something about this song just makes me want to roll my windows down on a hot day and let my hair fly around like crazy.

"Rain is A Good Thing"- Luke Bryan song: Luke has a gift of making everyone feel like they're on vacation or on spring break. Nothing like a good storm during the hot humid summer months in the Hudson Valley.

"Summertime" Kenny Chesney- Can't leave Kenny off the list, especially when he has a song called Summertime. It's always summertime with KC.

Honestly, there are probably 50 more songs I could add to this list. What's your go to summer country jam?





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