Everyone has it and it feels like there is no escaping. I'm talking about this nasty cold going around.

Of course we should always know that this time of year is the germiest (that's not a word, but it is today!) . I've been suffering from the common cold, but this one seems to be lingering. It started when a few co-workers came back from New Years with the sniffles, I felt the pressure build up behind my eyes and knew I was in for it. We work in close quarters, locked in our studios so it's no wonder we catch whatever it is that's going around immediately.

Teen Use Of Cold Medicine As A Recreational Drug On The Rise
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In an attempt to get rid of this nasty cold, I've been taking vitamin C supplements, chicken soup and for the first time ever NyQuil. So far it seems to be working, I'm feeling a bit better. I know this weekend I'll need to rest up, but I'm looking for your common cold home remedies. It was suggested that I take a shot of Fire Cider. Unfortunately, it's not a hot toddy made with fireball whiskey, but apple cider vinegar with a little extra kick. What's your quick cold cure? Let us know on Facebook.


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