Recently, I have been working later hours and getting home after dark. Of course the days are getting shorter as well but it seems lately I am always getting out of my car well after the sun has gone down. The last few days I have notice this bright star in the sky. It seems to be there every night. The weirder thing is it seems to be orange. Turns out its not a star it's Mars

We have been talking a lot about Mars lately, being that it is retrograde and stirring up or live. It also has come up in conversation that it is really close to the earth during this period which is making it's retrograde even more powerful. If you believe in all that stuff which I do. I didn't really understand just how close Mars was until I started seeing it in the sky every night.

A friend at the station and I were talking about Mars and I mentioned that I think it is stalking me when I get out of my car at night, so he told me about an App called Skyview. He showed me how it works night or day identifying what celestial bodies are in the sky. It is really cool so I tried it out and yes it turns out that the bright orange glowing star is a planet and it is Mars.

The cooler thing was tonight when I got home the Moon was still really bright from being full last night and that's when I noticed that Mars was in the sky right next to it. It look like Mars could be the moon's moon. I check my Skyview App and sure enough they showed up practically on top of each other.

Then as if I need another reason to talk about Mars I find a Farmer's Almanac online article about how Mars won't be this close again until 2035 which just happens to be four years before the next time week have a full moon on Halloween again, that doesn't happen until 2039. And it also goes on to say that the best time to see this pairing of the moon and Mars is now through October 6th.


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