It is no secret that Halloween is my Holiday so you can imagine that today is a bit of a drag for me. It feels like it just went all too fast this year. I knew I would be waking up to Christmas everywhere but I didn't expect that my plants would turn on me too.

I don't have a lot of houseplants. I really don't have a green thumb. I couldn't even grow a pumpkin this year. There is some irony. I started pumpkins from seed and had them in full bloom but I never got a pumpkin on any of the vines so imagine my frustration last night when my Christmas Cactus decided to bud. Really my cactus I literally leave in the window all year and barely water is thriving and sending Christmas vibes on Halloween but I can't grow a pumpkin.

Does Christmas Start as Soon as Halloween Ends?

For those of you who know plants, you know where I am going with this story but for us cactus novices this wasn't clear to me. I felt like my cactus was following the trend that I fight every year. After getting over the sight of Christmas blooming on Halloween in my living room I thought how could this be possible? So I looked it up. Come to find out I don't have all Christmas cacti I actually have two Thanksgiving Cactus.

Why is My Christmas Cactus Blooming the Day After Halloween?

So my Christmas cactus isn't blooming my Thanksgiving cactus is the one with the buds. I found numerous videos on Youtube and even an article from the Farmer's Almanac explaining that Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti are in the same family but bloom at different times of the year there is even an Easter Cactus. Often when you buy a cactus during the holidays that is billed as a Christmas cactus you are actually buying a Thanksgiving cactus.

I am actually happy to have a Thanksgiving Cactus because I am one of those people who feel Thanksgiving gets overlooked. I am perfectly happy November first to talk about a new holiday but I want it to be Thanksgiving so it turns out the plant I basically ignore is on my page and obviously I am treating it right or it wouldn't be blooming.

Of course, I still heard Christmas music today and saw a Lindor Chocolate ad that was about Christmas. Ugh ... I am not ready.

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