If you live in the Hudson Valley you are well aware that the towns that make up our community are a little difficult to pronounce and explain.

Don't get me wrong, our town names are much easier than the ones upstate. However, it has been brought to my attention, thanks to TikTok, that we've got some weird names that make up the Hudson Valley.

TikTok user .law_ has been posting the Top 5 Weirdest Town Names in each state and back in May he covered New York. Why it just showed up on my "For You" page this week is beyond me, but here we are.

Anyway, .law_'s Top 5 Weirdest Town Names in New York are as follows:

5.Corona, Queens
4.Coxsackie, Green County
3.New Russia, Herkimer County
2. Sheds, Madison County
1. Triangle, Broome County

His Honorable Mention section took a big focus on the Hudson Valley. Specifically the "kills." Catskill. Fishkill. Wallkill. West Kill. They all get a special mention and then the user asks "Okay! Do you have a problem?"

To answer your question .law_, probably.

With all of that being said, we want to know what do you think is the weirdest, most unique town name in the Hudson Valley?

If you have friends from out of town that visit, do they ever mess up or mispronounce a specific town name?

I know for me, Milan has always been an issue. Because I automatically think Milan in Italy.

Let us know on Facebook what you think and how badly those out-of-towners mess up our town names.


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