It's not every day that the Hudson Valley becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

Usually when a topic is trending on our timeline about the Hudson Valley, unfortunately, it's a piece of news that is devastating enough that it's making the rounds nationally. However, this morning Twitter surprised me.

When I logged in around 6am on Thursday morning, I noticed a hashtag that grabbed my attention right away. #ThingsBuriedatWoodstock.

I think most people who haven't been living under a rock since 1969 know what Woodstock was. Obviously, it was a music festival that drew thousands to Bethel, New York.

It was also the late '60s so things were a little weird.

As you would imagine, the #ThingsBuriedatWoodstock topic has taken off and is actually pretty hilarious. I have no idea how or why this topic was even started, but I'm enjoying reading tweets like these:

Have you heard of Bethel Woods, Clint?

I might have spoke too soon when I said that everyone should know about Woodstock. Poor, Amy....

What do you think is buried at Woodstock?



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