Imagine if you had the chance to see Luke Combs in concert in November in Phoenix, AZ.  That would be pretty awesome right?  Warm weather, palm trees and a great probably can't get any better right?   Wrong.  It could get better because you could actually be backstage, hanging with Luke.

Fresh off of his win for CMT Performance of the Year, Luke Combs is quickly becoming a huge Country Music Superstar.

I had the opportunity to meet Luke and he is exactly what you think you is....the same country boy you see on stage.

His songs are real.  His personality is real.  And your chance to meet him is real.

I asked him about 'When It Rains It Pours' and he said it was about his ex, the one before his now fiance.  Imagine what she feels like, I said and he laughed and said,  "She comes to concerts now and tries to get backstage."

The concert may only last a few hours, the trip will be over in a few days but the memories and pictures of you and Luke will last a lifetime.

Get details HERE and good luck.

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