Do you remember the first thing you ordered in a bar?

So you turn 21 and odds are you are going to celebrate by going out and having a few drinks with friends. Do you remember the first drink you ordered in a bar? Was it a simple beer or did you do like me and order something that makes me cringe today?

I remeber I was at a bar in Albany with a few friends and I remember walking over to the bar, the lady bartender asked what can I get you and I say, with a huge smile on my face, "I'll take a white Russian". Yeah a milk drink and to make matters worse I wound up doing shots of tequila to and if you don't know, milk and tequila do NOT MIX well together. Let's say the night didn't end well.

Know that I think about it, I think that was the first time my man card got taken away.

What was the first thing you ordered in a bar? Let us know on Facebook or in the comment section below and be listening for your comments on air.

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