How do you think this woman who emailed us should handle the "touching" at work?

It's Wednesday and time for a "We Gotcha Wednesday Email" and this week it is definitely from the serious side of things. Here is the email we talked about today....

"I have a problem that I'd like to throw out to you and the listeners. I started a new job about 2 months ago and I have two male coworkers who are very touchy and I don't like it. I wish I had said something a long time ago to nip the issue in the bud, but alas, here I am needing to find a way to say, "hey, you know how I've been letting you touch me for 2 months? Well, now I'm over it."

Let me explain the touching. For the most part, it's completely benign, platonic, hand on shoulder kind of thing. Sometimes it goes as far as a sort of back scratch between my shoulder blades to get my attention. Recently, one of the guys actually started to tickle me. I was so taken aback that I just laughed and again, didn't say anything like, "holey inappropriate Batman, hands off!" Needless to say, I am so over it and need to address the touching with my coworkers.

A lot of my friends say to kick them down you know where or go to HR but I need to do something more low key because I work with them everyday and need to minimize the awkwardness. They are both very nice men that I genuinely like to work with (outside of the touching) and I think there won't be any issue in them stopping once I actually say something.

My question is, what can I say to them that will minimize the awkwardness/embarrassment and maximize a functional work environment?

Thank you!"

Both Jess and I agree that she has to say something. I think the best advice is to say something to the men sooner than later. I don't think its a good idea to wait for it to happen again, I think she needs to go to work today and tell them that they need to stop, in a firm but not crazy type of way.

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