Any suggestions?

If you listen to the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, you already know that I have a problem with thinking about the most random and ridiculous things possible and the only way I can stop thinking about them is to ask you guys on air and online.

Over my holiday break I decided to make myself a single guys gourmet dinner one night, so I reached for the peanut butter and the jelly, grabbed a knife and my loaf of Wonder bread and proceeded to make myself a PB & J.

As I was making it, I was at the end of the loaf of bread and started to think, "What do people call the end slices of bread"? Being honest, I couldn't wait to get back on the air so I could ask you guys this riveting question.

What do you call the end slices of bread? Most of the calls we got this morning said that they call it the heel. How about you? Call the show anytime at 845-473-9431.

Some of the other suggestions included....


By far my favorite suggestion came from Stephanie who said in her house they call the end slices the "sluts" because everyone has touched them and nobody wants them. WOW!!!

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