If you're reading this...then you must be part of the 20% of New Yorkers waiting until the last minute to surprise your sweetie.

Tomorrow is the big day for all you Hudson Valley lovers. Valentine's Day. For all you singles out there, stay strong and don't forget chocolate is 50% on Thursday.

If you are in a relationship and are struggling to find your Valentine the perfect gift CBS 2 New York put together data collected by Offers.Com and AskMen to find the perfect gift for your New York Valentine.

According to the survey, New Yorker's are looking forward to receiving roses on February 14th. Others are expecting to get sunglasses, teddy bears, chocolate and chocolate diamond rings (are they edible? asking for a friend...).

The survey also states that you should probably stray away from getting your Valentine gift cards and alcohol.

If you're buying flowers roses are always the way to go with 63% of New Yorker's preferring those over any other flower.

Happy Valentines Day and good luck if you're doing your shopping today.


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