Is there something that most people can do that you can't?

We got talking on the CJ in the morning show today about how one in eight people can't ride a bicycle. I remember learning how to ride and the moment I went from one training wheel to none was like the best feeling ever and once you get it most of us never forget how to ride. Isn't that where the saying "It's like riding a bike" comes from?

After talking bikes, we asked is there something you can't do that most people can?

For Jess it was drive a stick and for me it was that I can't roll my tongue. I can't fold it like most everyone else. My wife says it's weird that I cant do it. Here let me show you....

See the struggle is real! I just can't do it!

After taking a bunch of calls about the tongue rolling we figured out that its a genetic thing that is passed down, so I can blame someone in my family for my lack of tongue skills.

What can't you do that most people can? Let us know in the comment section below.

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