"I'm not super-stitious, I'm a little-stitious." -Michael Scott (The Office)

I had to kick-off our superstition talk with my favorite quote from Michael Scott. Since we're heading into Halloween weekend we figured we talk about the creepy and unusual topics we don't touch upon throughout the year.

When we first started CJ and I thought that we weren't the most superstitious people around, but once we started talking it out we realized how wrong we were.

CJ doesn't like crossing a black cat and definitely believes that bad things happen in 3's. Me on the other hand, I pick my feet up when I cross any kind of railroad track and I fully believe that sage can clear out bad vibes in a new space.

We asked our listeners about some of their superstitions and they did not disappoint.

One of our callers expanded on the salt over the shoulder move. He explained that when he was younger and whenever his family moved, his mother wouldn't let them take the salt shakers with them.

Paula out in Pleasant Valley texted in and said:

Put a penny in your shoe and out on your front porch on New Year’s eve to bring you good fortune for the following year.

Geri in Circleville added:

Put some money in a new wallet as a good luck.

Amanda from Woodburne messaged us and told us how she tries to spread the good luck:

When I see a Penny tails up I like to flip the penny heads up for the next person to walk by! Might give them a little pick me up!

What are some of your superstitions?


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