We live in a strange time. Especially because there is such thing as National Emoji Day.

National Emoji Day was on Monday, July 17. Yes, you read that right. We have a national day for the fun smiley faces we send to each other every day on our smart phones.

Emojis are a pretty big deal.

In 2013, the word emoji was added to the Oxford Dictionary. And now, in 2017, there's a whole movie dedicated to emojis. Like I said, we're living in a weird time.

As much as I trash on them, I actually love emojis. I use them all the time and probably to the point where I end up annoying my friends. Apparently, the five emojis you use the most describe who you are as a person. These are mine:


That pretty much sums me up. The soup is random, but it has to do with a quote from the TV show The Office about "soup snakes."

What are your five most used emojis? Take a screen shot and share it below!

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