As the world has shut down, some businesses are still charging for services.

I'm not sure if your like me but as me move through the changes that the coronavirus has presented, have you noticed that you are still being charged for something or a service that you aren't using?

I ask because I noticed over the weekend that the New York Bridge Authority has decided that they needed to replenish my EZ-Pass account with an additional $50 like they would do under normal circumstances even though I haven't used it.

If you have an EZ-Pass account, depending on which option you selected when you signed up, they make sure that each month you have enough money to cover your tolls and with us all being stuck in quarantine I was shocked to see that I was charged over the weekend.

I haven't crossed a bridge or driven on the New York State Thruway in almost two months so I haven't used EZ-Pass at all, so I'm wondering why? If you have EZ-Pass have you noticed that you were recently charged and having been using your tag? Could it have something to do with the recent toll hikes on all of the Hudson Valley bridges?

If you have any suggestions as to why this happened please call or text us through the Wolf app.

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