There are some pretty big movies heading to the big screen to round out 2018.

"Welcome To Marwen" starring Steve Carell is set to premiere just in time for the holidays on December 21st and the Hudson Valley plays a big part in the story. The film, which is based on actual events, follows the life events of a man named Mark Hogancamp.

Back in April of 2000, Hogancamp was attacked by 5 men outside of a bar in Kingston after he told them he was a cross dresser. The attack was so bad that Hogancamp spent 9 days in a coma and 40 days in the hospital. Hogancamp also suffered severe brain damage and post traumatic disorder. reports that while learning to walk and talk again, Hogancamp's "last memory was of being in Ibiza in 1984 while serving in the Navy."

Since he couldn't afford therapy, Mark created the fictional town of Marwencol. The town name is made up from the names of two girls Hogancamp had crushes on, Wendy and Colleen. Marwencol is made from plywood and is inhabited by barbies and World War II action figures.

Hogancamp's neighbor, who was also a magazine photographer, was curious about the project and ended up sending some of the photos to different art publications.

You can see Mark Hogancamp's artwork at One Mile Gallery located at 475 Abeel Street in Kingston.


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