It's the weekend, which means most people have some spare time on their hands. So why not do something active?

Earlier this week we heard about the newest fitness trend, Chicken Nugget Yoga. Apparently it's a big deal in London and it incorporates yoga with snack breaks to take a bite of delicious chicken nuggets. Of course, there is a chance that this hoax but it looked like a good time so we had to give it a try.

I gathered a few of my friends here at the station, bought some McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and started filming. We had to put our own spin on it, so follow along as we introduce you to the Downward Dip, Power Nugget Plank and the Shake Your Tail Feather.

I'm not sure how successful this Chicken Nugget Yoga thing will be, but if you want a class drop me a line on Facebook. I'll give you a discount.


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