Watch a bunch of cowards dump water over police officers while making an arrest. For the record, if I see someone do this to our local officers, I'll be sure to stick your pale of water somewhere you won't be able to find it.

Videos of young men drenching police with water are going viral right now for all the wrong reasons.

Several of these incidents have been shared on social media. I'm appalled by the behavior. Where is the respect for these officers? What I find more disturbing is the blatant lack of humanity shown.

Here's another one from Twitter.

Although they were provoked, the officers don't do the thing that anyone of us would have done in this situation: Retaliate. They keep their cool and continue to do their job. Protecting and serving us. Upholding their oath.

I worry about the officers in this situation. Is this even legal? I would be concerned their equipment could be damaged. They are carrying a device that holds 50,000 volts of power.

Also, how do they know what's in these buckets? This behavior is quite despicable and we shouldn't tolerate it.

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