Another Hudson Valley K9 will be taking another step up in the safety department.

According to a Facebook post, resident K9 Cojack at the Village of Wappingers Falls Police Department was a recent recipient of new body armor.

As we have previously learned from several other K9 pups, their body armor can run at a high price. Most K9 vests run anywhere from $1,744 to $2,283. So as with how most K9 vests are obtained, Cojack is receiving his through a donation.

The vest, which weighs in at between 4 and 5 pounds, will be coming from Vested Interest in K9s Inc out in East Taunton, Massachusetts. Vested Interested is a 501c (3)  non-profit organization that was created back in 2009 to provide protection to the four-legged members of local police organizations.

Since its inception, Vested Interest has made 2,500 protective vests for K9's across the United States, several of those vests have gone to K9's around the Hudson Valley.

Cojack's vest will protect him from stab and bullet wounds while out on the job.


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