One of my favorite ways to spend a day when I was younger was to spend all day listening to my albums. I had shelves full. The scratchier the better. So last night on the American Country Countdown Awards when Eric Church said " albums matter" I knew what he meant. Yes you can download a whole album on I-tunes but what if you'd rather have vinyl. I loved unwrapping a new album. Reading the jacket as you listened to song after song then flipped it over. Hopefully the artist had included extra cuts and lyrics. Coincidentally yesterday, I also saw the coolest thing on Ellen. A record player that played vinyl and smartphones called an Electrohome.

So now I am thinking it is a sign. I am really excited. I want to get a "Electrohome". Seriously, child at Christmas excited. I am thinking "YES" it is a must for my Christmas list to myself. Which means I may get it by next summer, but I am getting one. It plays vinyl and you can use it for digital music as well. It feels so retro and forward at the same time. I must have been waiting for the past and present to marry a turntable.

Let me back up for a minute. I haven't had a record player since college. And I don't think I ever actually had a stereo. Sad I know but I was always technology challenged and when you work at a radio station you have it all at work so home doesn't need to be so high tech. I still don't have an I-pod. Electronics was never high on my "buy" list. I had the same turntable from 10th grade (1978) until my first husband (1991). And currently I don't have a home stereo system at all, not even a dock for my phone.

So welcome to 2015 I am actually going to buy a new piece of technology so I can play vinyl again. Really? .... Yepper!

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