A local traffic brawl has now gone viral.

Middletown, New York Road Rage Brawl Goes Viral

While scrolling social media this week, I came across a popular Country Music site that covers some of the hottest news in Nashville and the newest music hitting the charts. They occasionally will share a random wild video that has gone viral.

But imagine my surprise when the video that Whiskey Riff shared this week was out of New York.

Whiskey RIff, Facebook
Whiskey RIff, Facebook

One commenter wrote, "That might be the most NYC thing I have seen today." They got me so I clicked further through only to discover that the video was filmed in the Hudson Valley!

Whiskey Riff linked to a Facebook video shared by Michelle McNair. A zoomed-out shot shows the throwdown went down near route 211 in Middletown, New York.

We reached out to McNair for more details about what may have started the fight, besides frustrating Hudson Valley traffic, but we haven't heard back. We'll update this story when we get more information.

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When it comes to aggressive drivers, New Yorkers are notorious for losing their cool.

New York Misses Confrontational Driver Top 10 List

But not by much.

In September 2023, Forbes released a list of the states with the most confrontational drivers. While the video above doesn't prove this point, New York didn't even make the Top 10.

According to Forbes, the states with the most confrontational drivers include Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, and Oklahoma in the top 4 with Arizona coming in at the number 1 spot.

New York landed at #12 on the list. Forbes added that 24% of drivers say they experience road rage quite frequently.

Read More: Where New York York State Ranks For Acts of Road Rage in U.S.

How did they collect their data? Well, the used information from incident reports like being run off the road and getting into a physical or verbal confrontation with another driver.

So if that viral video accounts for anything, New York will most likely move up the list in 2024, which isn't anything to be proud of.

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