Back in January I jumped on board the juice cleanse train. And it's all because I saw it while scrolling through Youtube.

I'm always trying to stay up on the latest trends. Not for any particular reason, but I just want to be in the know. Recently, videos and adds have been popping up on my Facebook timeline with charcoal products. I'm not talking about the charcoal you put in your barbecue, well almost like that.

There are several different lines of charcoal beauty products on the market today. They range from facials, to pore exfoliate to teeth whitening. It's actually a scary sight to see as seen below:

Naturally, I went on over to Amazon and purchased a charcoal teeth whitening kit. I'm no dentist but after reading several reviews I've learned that charcoal may be a healthier way to whiten your teeth without damaging your teeth. My kit should be here sometime next week and I'll be posting a video of myself trying this new teeth whitening strategy.

In the meantime, let us know if you have used charcoal products before. Did they work? Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don't miss the ridiculousness of my charcoal review next week. 



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