Get your DVR's ready, this is how you catch up on 2016's most popular show.

If I need to remind you, I'm a TV buff. I love watching new shows and following a story for seasons on end. Netflix is pretty much my bible when it comes to binge watching. 2016 has been a great year for TV. One show that premiered this fall that has won over millions is "This is Us." The show stars Milo Ventimiglia(Gilmore Girls), Mandy Moore(A Walk to Remember) and Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson ). The show immediately set records with it's trailer alone. The trailer, which was released in May four months before the show aired, was watched over 15 millions times on Facebook and 6 million times on Youtube in 48 hours. 

TVLine.Com is reporting that USA will marathon the first ten episodes on Saturday January 7th. The pilot episode, that threw me for a loop and hooked me right away, will air at 1pm. They'll wrap things up with the latest episode "Last Christmas" which left me an emotional wreck for about a week. If you haven't watched This is Us yet, now is the time.

This is Us will return to NBC on Tuesday January 10th at 9pm. Are you watching This Is Us ? Does it leave you with happy/sad tears every week like me?

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