Let me preface this whole post by saying, I have never camped outside successfully in all my 27 years of life. My sincere apologize to the camping gods.


If you aren't counting, let me set the scene for you. There are only 38 days until the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival up at Hunter Mountain. 38. That's it. All of us here at The Wolf are pumped to see the likes of Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt take the stage. Some of you will be in attendance as well and will be camping on the mountain all weekend.

I came across a video on Buzzfeed Nifty on "7 Ways to Upgrade Your Tent." They all looked like really great ideas to me, the non-camper. One way that I thought would be effective way to upgrade your tent is by getting a water jug (filled with water, if that wasn't obvious enough) place a head lamp around it and then illuminates the whole tent. Genius.

Foam mats are a great edition to a tent that's on a hard surface, but I feel like that's an upgrade expert campers already know about. Does a bottle of wine count as upgrading your tent? That's what I would do, personally.

What are some ways that you upgrade your tent at TOC?

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