This definitely made my car "unique" in a bad way...LOL!

If you think about all of the cars that you've owned in your life, odds say that at one time or another you had a car that had something really unique about it. Think about the first few cars you owned, they probably weren't the best cars around and most likely had a hard time passing inspection every least that the case for me!

One year my stepdad came across a car that a friend of his was going to junk and he asked me if I wanted to try and get it on the road so I had a car for the summer. I think I was 17 at the time, so I jumped at the opportunity to have a car for the summer.

Only problem was the car was a complete MESS! It had so many things wrong with it, but after weeks and weeks of working on it we got it running and were able to get it to pass inspection...after trying like 3 times we finally did it...LOL!

The car, nicknamed the "grey rocket" was a station wagon Datsun (that's a Nissan today..LOL!) and when I tell you it was not a safe car, I'm being nice...LOL! The one thing that made the "rocket" unique was that the only way I could drive it without it overheating was to have the heat on full blast the whole time I was driving. My dad said that if the heat was turned off the car would overheat and the engine would blow.

Mind you it was summer, so it was hot and with the heat on, the car would smell like anti-freeze inside. It was so bad that I couldn't get any of my friends to even drive around with me. After only a few weeks the engine did finally blow and we laid the "rocket" to rest back behind one of our barns.

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