Choosing the most perfect gift for someone can be challenging at times. You may wonder what they like, what do they need, or even if they would like the present that is given.

During the holiday season, we may stress out about buying enough or giving a thoughtful gift. At times, it's the small things that can truly mean the most.

I have wondered if adult Christmas lists are still a thing in 2021. Remember growing up and writing a list for Santa or a family member of everything that your heart desired? As adults, maybe we send text messages or share gift ideas via Facebook and Instagram.

It's easy when we know that someone likes a specific item, person, or place. It's a no-brainer that I love cats and I always receive at least one gift representing a cat for each holiday and birthday.

My friends put together a cat lovers gift box with a shirt, candle, socks, frame, toys, and more. The gift was thoughtful and made me smile.

What if we can give back to the community, shop locally, and present a thoughtful gift to someone? It's possible.

Here's the Hudson Valley gift guide for cat lovers that will surely bring a smile to their face, maybe the cat too.

Cat on the Corner, Catskill

I couldn't think of a better name for a cat-themed store. I have been to Catskill before to see all of the cat statues on Main Street. This shop has a variety of gifts, novelty items and is a perfect one-stop gift-giving shop for your favorite cat lover. It would be hard to choose from the stickers, socks, keychains, magnets, and mugs. I would have to buy it all.

Be sure to shop from their store here.

Morehouse Farm, Red Hook

I truly believe that products and items that come from local farms are a great gift. This small farm raises sheep that produce a special kind of wool. Merino wool is known to be soft, warm and can come in a variety of colors. There are a variety of items that are made with this wool. Be sure to grab their cat wrap scarf for your favorite cat lover. There's also a cute cat cap that looks like it would be perfect for a chilly day. 

Shop more of their collection here.

Beans Cat Café, Beacon

I would certainly love to visit a cat café and I'm not too sure why I haven't already. Beans Cat Café is the perfect mix of cats and coffee which sounds like the ideal day to me. This local business takes pride in finding homes for cats, providing them with care, health and comfort. All of their cats are up for adoption. Their food and goodies are from another local company, Newburgh Flour Shop. You can get them a gift card, surprise them with a visit to this café or adopt a cat for them from Beans Cat Café (with their discretion, of course).

Find out the hours of operation and cats available to adopt here.

Have you ever bought a gift for a cat lover? Did you ever receive a gift that was cat-related that you enjoyed? Share with us below.

The Catskill Cats are Back for 2021

Many Hudson Valley towns do various outdoor art displays throughout the Summer. Catskill is known for it's Cats. These one of a kind creations are the work of local artist who wish to share their themed cats with the people visiting Catskill and Leeds. At the end of the season their is an auction with a gala where the Cats are auctioned off. Heart of Catskill is behind this great display that adds another reason to visit, shop and dine in the community.

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