With the days being shorter and the fact that we really can't open a window without the heat on, it has officially become Candle Season in the Hudson Valley. I bet you didn't even realize there was such a thing.

Turns out candles are popular this time of year even though we don't need them for light or warmth. We do however need them to help with the various smells that can get trapped in the house over the winter. Plus they add to the glow of the holiday season.

Why The Hudson Valley Should Avoid Candles That Smell Like Food

There is nothing like a good scented candle to get rid of the funky smell that may linger in your house this time of year. Using a scented candle in parts of your home will help keep everything smelling nice.


I will however suggest that you try to stay away from candles that smell like food. One reason is that they make you hungry. The other reason is so people who visit can smell what you are cooking and not something that is wafting from a candle.


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You can't go wrong with a plain old-smelling candle. One that smells like fresh air or even a pine tree. You also may want to avoid any candle that smells like you are wearing too much perfume or that you have a fresh bouquet somewhere. The floral candles have been known to make me sneeze and I know I am not alone.

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Most Popular Scented Candle by State

Recently the Shane Company surveyed what were the most popular scents across the county. They put together a little map to show which state likes what scent. They made a list of the most popular and iconic candle scents and then used Google Trends data to determine the most popular in every state.

Shane Co via Email
Shane Co via Email

New York Shares Favorite Candle Scent with One Unexpected State

If I am reading this correctly the people of New York and Florida both like the same scent which happens to be Fresh Balsam or in other words pine scent. I will be honest I didn't see that coming for Florida. That is just more proof that Florida is full of people from New York.

Hudson Valley Candle Shops I Mentioned in the Fall Will Have Their Holiday Items Out

Hudson Valley Candle Shops

The Hudson Valley has some wonder candle shops. Some offer gatherings and places for you to make your own candles. One of them you can find in Woodstock, New York has been making and burning candles since 1969. Candles never go out of style.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

200 Year Old Church For Sale with House in Phoenicia, NY

Live at the end of Main Street in downtown Phoenicia, New York in one of the small town's biggest almost 200-year-old landmarks. It's not often you can buy this much usable living and working space in the Catskills for under $400,000. This property is unique because of its, history, location, and price. With more than 3500 total square feet this church house combination calls out for someone who is creative.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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