You may have noticed more and more solar panels going up on homes throughout the Hudson Valley, or maybe you've noticed larger installations of solar panels going up at various locations. If you drive by the site of the former Town of Ulster landfill, you would see a lot of solar panels--and we mean a lot: 5,940 solar panels, to be exact.

Early this week, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein announced that Ulster County's Utility-Scale Solar Project is fully-operational. They began construction on the site in the Fall of 2017 and after the completion of several required tests, Central Hudson gave the green light for the project.

According to the County Executive, this site is expected to generate 20 percent of all of the electricity used by the Ulster County Government. That's a lot of savings, plus it would also provide the equivalent of electricity produced by burning 2 million pounds of coal or 4,000 barrels of oil.

What do you think about solar power? have you thought of installing solar panels at your home?

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