Old Man Winter is making his presence known with wind advisories, winter storm warnings, and winter weather advisories issued for various parts of the Hudson Valley. According to the National Weather Service, the weather conditions are going to deteriorate this afternoon into tonight making for dangerous travelling conditions as well as conditions no one should be out in.  I’m already running my space heater in my office and have added an extra blanket on our bed.

But, what about those who are homeless or who find themselves in a desperate situation, where do they go when the temperatures fall to such dangerous conditions? In Ulster County, they can go to the county’s Warming Center, hosted by the Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church.

According to Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, this week the center will remain open from 6 pm to 7 am through Monday, January 30. Folks from the American Red Cross will staff the center and any homeless adult, 18 years or older, is welcome to come in and take shelter from the cold. The Family of Woodstock also provide resources for those in need.

The Warming Center will also provide a hot meal in the evening and breakfast in the morning. Throughout this winter, any updates or notices about the Warming Center will be posted at the top of Ulster County’s website.

If you need help, or you know someone who needs a helping hand, please call The Family of Woodstock hotline at 845-679-2485.

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