Early this week my neighbors shared that there were people going through cars in our area. In a Facebook group I saw that people all over Ulster County had been experiencing similar incidents. Turns out it is the season for car break ins and the Ulster County Sheriff's Department has shared some advice with a fun holiday video that was produced by the Lexington Police Department.

In a post today on their Facebook page the Ulster County Sheriff is asking that we "LOCK YOUR CARS!" They also posted " In light of a recent uptick in larcenies from vehicles in the Town of Esopus area, we wanted to remind the people of our community of the importance of locking up your valuables, especially in your cars, especially this time of the year."

They also reported that the vast majority of the larcenies from vehicles in the county throughout the year are from unlocked vehicles. Although it does occasionally happen, it's far less common in the county for them to receive reports of larcenies from forcibly opened vehicles.

They also posted this statement "We gave some thought about how to most effectively drive this point home and came upon this totally awesome PSA from the Lexington Police Department in Kentucky. It's almost as good as our #Loveshack video from 2018's #LipSyncChallenge and we figured showing you theirs was far easier than making our own (which we totally could've done with our partners from Woodstock Day School if we wanted to-just sayin')."

So no matter what county you are in be sure to lock your cars and remove your valuables.

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