No, you're not reading that headline wrong. And yes, it's from January and not November.

If you can remember way back to November, you'll recall rules that went into place while celebrating Thanksgiving. Gov. Cuomo suggested that family gatherings be limited to 10 people or less to slow the spread of COVID-19. I'm sure that turkey's all around the US thought they were off the hook this year.

Spoiler Alert: They weren't.

It seems that some Hudson Valley turkeys are upset that the police didn't spring into action and round up all those who went over the guest limit.

The Ramapo Police Department shared on their Facebook page of a disgruntled turkey. According to the post, Officer Robert Navarro was just trying to clear a roadway and was met with...well, some "resistance." Officer Navarro told the vocal turkey that he would "not be taking a report for that."

Sounds like that turkey's name is definitely Karen.

Take a look for yourself in a video shared by the Ramapo PD:

It doesn't seem like either party was hurt in the exchange. However, the Ramapo Police Department does report the turkey was the "one “fowl” mouth in the group."

The Ramapo Police Department did remind all community members to be on the lookout for turkeys on S Pascack Rd in Chestnut Ridge. Here in the Hudson Valley, we are aware of all the wildlife on our main and back roads.

Here's your reminder to take it slow and watch out for those turkeys!

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