For a second I thought I saw Andy Griffith and Barney Fife driving in the Hudson Valley. Could they have pulled me over if they wanted to?

We've all seen an old retired police car driving down the road. What if you actually saw an officer driving one?

The weather is getting nicer and you'll start to notice people driving their antique cars. You may see people on their way to car shows or classic car owners driving their favorite cars around with the top down. I've been to car shows before and I've seen classic police cars but every time I've seen them they have been brought in on trailers. I've never seen a classic police car driving down the street. I was shocked to see one today.

I came across one today when I was driving on the Taconic today. It had New York State decals on it.

While driving I pulled up behind a 1970s police vehicle with a large siren on it and everything. I thought it was odd since I had never seen one on the road before. When I started to pass them I saw that there were two State Troopers in the front seat in uniform. I have to assume they were officers.

They pulled off the exit near Troop K.

After I saw this I wondered if police officers could pull you over while driving this old vehicle? I'm not sure if they were on duty but what if there was an emergency? If this old car was behind you with its lights on would you pull over?

I don't think I would. I'd have call it in.


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