I like to tell myself I'm an adult, but I'm really a kid at heart. Especially now that it's Christmas time, my childlike awe is in full effect.

Growing up I remember going to my cousins house for Christmas Eve and after dinner getting a call from Santa. It was so exciting for us kids, he would tell us where he was flying over and that he would be there soon, but in the mean time he had one of his elves drop off a few gifts to hold us over. After that I would always be imagining where Santa was. Was he in Europe or Asia? And how much longer until he gets to my house!?

Now it's way easier for kids. They can jump on Facebook with their parents and follow Santa on NORAD. I'm 27 years old and I check this page daily on the days leading up to Christmas. NORADSanta.Org has a bunch of fun Christmas games and music to play before Christmas Eve when Santa takes off on his big trip. The map kicks off on Saturday afternoon, but right now they're patiently waiting to get a glimps of the big guy:


If you didn't know NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command organization for the United States and Canada. T

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