A hearing on the proposed law will take place on April 6th.

According to the Daily Freeman, it may soon be against the law to feed stray cats and to own a cat that is deemed viscous.

After a bunch of Town of Ulster residents complained that neighbors were feeding stray cats, which lead to the strays leaving excrement in nearby yards, the Town Board has proposed a new law that should stop the problem.

Dawn DeLuca from the Town of Ulster told the Freeman that,

"I do not think it is my responsibility to have to clean up after them, I maintain my property and do not think it is fair that I have to clean up cat poop and pee. If this smelly mess is happening now in the cold, what will the level of stench be come hot weather?”

According to the Town Board, the new law would prohibit cat owners or any person harboring any cat including strays from allowing the cats from being vicious, spray or defecate in a way as to cause annoyance, cause damage or destruction to property, or remain in the town unless vaccinated against rabies.

If you are in violation of the new law, your first offense will cost you $50, $150 for a second violation and $250 for each violation after that.

The new law also would allow the town animal control officer to pick up unwanted cats.

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