It officially arrived Tuesday in the North East but unfortunately we are to focus on the "Four-easter" Toby to notice. Spring 2018 has begun so what are we going to do to enjoy it? First plan needs to be taking our minds off any winter weather that may still get thrown at us over the next few weeks. Next we need to have a plan. Here are some places and things you can do to keep Spring top-of-mind while Mother Nature gets her calendar straight.

Now that the sun is up earlier grab that morning cup of coffee and head to your favorite outdoor trail. The Walkway over the Hudson is a great place to check in on the seasons.

Stopping in to your favorite watering hole and seeing if they have put out the outdoor seating yet is also a great way to check into to Spring. One of the best spots to watch Winter melt away and Spring arrive is the deck at Billy Joe's Ribworks.

Next you could take the car to your closest Foam and Wash car wash and get the salt washed off it for the last time this spring.

And you have to put April 26th on your calendar because that is the date the Wolf will be returning to Angry Orchard in Walden for the first Wolf Cider Jam of the 2018 and we don't want you to miss out on any of the fun.

Lastly of course there is always Spring cleaning around the yard and house to keep you busy until the temperature become a little less frigid. Then when actually does warm up everything will be done and all you will have left to do is play.

CJ and Jess did some Spring Painting at Astor House with Hilarie Burton.

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