Now that we can say summer has unofficially started I thought it would be fun to share some of my Favorite unofficial summer things. You may notice as we get through the list that there is a running theme but I really believe that is just coincidence.

The first thing I look forward to is a Creamsicle. Ever since I was old enough to order my own ice cream from the ice cream truck my choice has been the Creamsicle. And now as an adult that hasn't change. Plus they are only 100 calories so no guilt just childhood memory ice cream fun.

Of course I may have to try this Creamsicle Martini I found from Best Drink Recipes.

My second summer indulgence is homemade citrus room sprays. Nothing makes a room or even your car smell fresher on a hot summer day then the light scent of orange or lemon with a sprig of herb added into the mix. Making these sprays yourself can be fun and allow you to mix up your own personal scent.

And lastly, I will be buying my first summer bag of Cheetos. Cheetos have always been one of those snacks that I can't just have a few so I have had to create Cheetos season. Cheetos season runs Memorial Day to Labor Day, basically the season where you wear the most white. I have also learned how to wash Cheetos dust out of just about everything.

Here's to lazy summer days with Cheetos dust one my Creamsicle Martini glass.

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