Looking to kick start your spring planting? Turns out that this coming week is a good time to start growing Onions inside before you transplant them to the outdoor garden in April. According to a Homestead Spirit facebook post from last February this coming week is the week to start your onion plants inside so they are ready for an April 1st planting in the garden. The Old Farmer's Almanac refers to the onion as a cold - season crop. Make sense to me if you start growing it in February.


Now that we have talked about growing your own onions, let's talk why! Three simple reasons - French Onion Soup, Onion Rings and Fresh Onion Dip. These are not the only delicious uses for the onion but they are three of my favorite. French Onion soup puts the onion front and center in a tasty broth with fresh bread and melty cheese. It's not a soup it's a meal. Onion Rings are the perfect side any sandwich or burger. Dipped in ketchup or even a cool ranch alternative they complete the plate. And a Fresh Onion dip for a veggie plate or chips is the afternoon snack 7 days a week.



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