Every year at Thanksgiving I feel it is my responsibility to bring to light one of the most controversial vegetable dishes served on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Like them or hate them they always cause conversation. They are that giant bowl of creamed onions, also known as pearled onions. It didn't even make the top ten side dish list according to Mr. Food.

Why is it we can fry an onion and no one complains? Onion rings and blooming onions are never frown upon when they are on the menu. You can even caramelize an onion and it will receive no complaints, but put it in a cream sauce and suddenly they are not eatable.

I have never understood how putting an onion into a yummy creamy sauce that could sub in as a tasty gravy should cause so many to walk away from the onion dish. I grew up with pearled onions as a favorite on my Thanksgiving table but as I grew up I realized that most people were not a fan. So once again I put forth the plea to just give them a chance.

The Traditional recipe for creamed onions.

or maybe this one if you walk on the wild side


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