If you have spent anytime outside in the Hudson Valley the odds are that you have encountered a tick at one time or another.

Just the other day my daughter Julianna had a tick removed from her leg by the school nurse and totally freaked us out. The nurse said that she got the tick out head and all thank god.

We started talking about ticks on the CJ in the morning show and it was amazing to me how many people have had major run ins with ticks, we had one person let us know that they found over 20 ticks on their dog after the dog was outside for only about 10 minutes.

Lyme disease is so scary, we thought this would be a great time to give you some tips on how to prevent tick bites.

According to the Center for disease control the best way to prevent tick bites is to use repellent that contains 20 percent or more DEET, picaridin, or IR3535 on exposed skin for protection that lasts several hours.

If you do spend some time outside you should always check yourself for ticks by checking:

Under the arms.
In and around the ears.
Inside belly button.
Back of the knees.
In and around the hair.
Between the legs.
Around the waist.

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