Christmas Eve falling on a Saturday this year means that more people will be able to attend your Christmas Eve party. If you are like me you might be looking to go with a few new party appetizers/appeteasers to accompany the usual holiday noshes. Thanks to All Recipes we have some tasty things to consider.

From Bacon Wrapped Dates with Blue Cheese that are sure to be a savory favorite to the Pine Cone Cheese Ball that dresses up any cracker platter, All Recipe seems to have created some new favorites and reinvented some classics.

After checking out all the recipes and ideas I have picked my favorite out of the "staff picks." Mary's Christmas Shrimp Tree would be a hit at any gathering. Hopefully if I attempt to create this great holiday themed twist on the classic shrimp platter it will not end up looking like a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree."

Pinwheel or snowflake this one is your call but either way it looks yummy.

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