This is one of my WORST fears!

If you listen to the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show you already know that both Jess and I have our issues with certain things in the world. No, it has nothing to do with politics or anything like that.

Jess has a fear of snakes, which I think she shares with a lot of people, pretty common right? For me, I am petrified of owls. Yes the bird that many people find beautiful, I am beyond scared of, so scared that one day earlier this year I made the comment about committing owl homicide. (I later apologized, so sorry!)

With all of that in mind, you can understand how I reacted when I heard about what happened to the Newman family in Atlanta, Georgia the other day.

According to ABC 7, the Newman family did just like most of us and put up and decorated their Christmas tree a few weeks ago. Mom, Kate, is a big fan of owls and has a bunch of different owl ornaments on the tree this year. Some ornaments are real looking, one maybe a little to real.

She told ABC, that the other day her 10 year old came running to her in tears saying one of the ornaments scared her, some mom did what we would all do, she decided to investigate. Turns out that her 10 year old was right, a real owl was hiding in the Christmas tree.

An eastern screech-owl was just hanging out in the tree. The family thinks that the owl came in with the tree about a week ago and after having a wildlife expert capture the owl, they had it released outside.

If this ever happened to me, I would NEVER, EVER have a real tree in my house again. Actually I think I'm going home to take my real tree out NOW!!!

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