The Catskill school district is making it a priority to make their schools a safe place.

We live in a time where there are terrible tragedies happening quite frequently in our schools all over the country. Some schools in the area are taking preemptive steps to protect their students. The Catskill School District has decided to take extra safety measures. In mid May, the district had four positions approved for part-time armed officers to patrol the schools in the area.

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The area has about 1,500 students district wide and is home to many retired military, police officers, corrections officers and state troopers. The schools are looking to draw support from those local resources.

"Safety and security is our priority. Keeping our staff, students and other community members in a safe learning environment is absolutely paramount to us." -Superintendent Dr. Ronel Cook

With school shootings becoming more common in recent years and two threats at schools close to home in Poughkeepsie, is this something that schools should be looking into? It seems like a controversial decision to some but most people think this is what most schools should start enforcing.

If you or you know anyone that is qualified and interested in the position feel free to reach out.

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