I've never been more happy to report that my heat is working.

For the past week or so, if you have been following along on air, I've had an issue with the heat in my apartment. I asked my neighbors if they were having problems and they all reported back that everything was fine on their end.

I reached out to my landlord who told me he was coming by on Monday to check on it.

When I got home on Monday, I walked through my front door and the heat wave slapped me in the face. I was thrilled.

I went along with my routine and ended up in my bathroom. I'm heading to the toilet when I see that the seat is up. Now, I live along and I'm single...very single. And just to clarify in case there was any confusion, I sit when I go to the bathroom.

So there wasn't an oportunity for a man to come in and use my bathroom. It must have been my landlord. Which is totally fine because it's his building and I'm grateful for the help with my heat, but coming home and seeing something out place threw me for a loop.

So I ran a quick poll on my social media accounts to see if I was having a normal reaction and I don't have many followers on either accounts so take the results with a grain of salt:

First on Twitter:

Then on Instagram with 88% saying it was a little weird and 12% saying I'm over dramatic.

IG poll

Listen I had no problem at all with him using the bathroom. You gotta go, when you gotta go. It's just a little uncomfortable when you come home and then realize someone was around while you weren't.

Am I right to be just a little weirded out by it? Or am I being over-dramatic?


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