You should think again if you choose to do any of these things with no clothes on.

The is something freeing about being able to do certain things completely naked, right? If you've never tried it, walk around your house in the buff, and maybe do the weekly cleaning at your house completely nude this week. Dusting and vacuuming could be interesting, right?.....LOL!

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Things You Should Never Do Naked

That was the question we asked on Facebook the other day after reading about some of the places in New York that are proud to offer a "clothing optional" choice for guests. I was surprised that there are still places in the area that offer a naked option but it got us thinking about the other side of the coin. What is something you would NEVER do naked?

Before we give you the #1 choice according to the Hudson Valley here are some things our Facebook fans think should be avoided in the "buff":

Ride a bike- Jackie
Shopping- Mike
Weed whack- Chris
Sunbathe!- Kelly
Exercise ! - Stacy
Belly dance… many moons ago I took belly dancing classes, and the instructor said never dance naked- Deanna
Golf. ⛳️- Kim. Kim's comment got a few responses with my favorite being, " Might hit the wrong balls!- Chris
Weld dirty steel- Daryl
Sky diving- Paige
Weed your garden- Lori
Drive a Car- Jennifer
Jog- Tommy

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#1 Thing You Should Never Do Naked

The most popular answer was cooking bacon. One out of every five comments mentioned bacon or any cooking involving oil. If you've ever tried to fry something on the stove with no clothes on you already know that those "grease bubbles" that pop out off of the pan can be extremely dangerous...LOL! Did we miss anything? Text us through the Wolf Country app.

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