Orange County is home to many things including one village that is bursting at the seams with history.


Was Washingtonville Named After our First President?

According to Krista who texted us, "before it was called Washingtonville, it was called "Little York" and "Matthews Field," and then the name was changed to Washingtonville". She told us that the name change to Washingtonville was done to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington. According to Wikipedia, the first president was said to have come through Washingtonville and watered his horse at a trough which was located under an elm tree in the center of the village.

Oldest Continuously Operating Winery in the United States

Brotherhood Winery located at 100 Brotherhood Plaza Dr, Washingtonville, NY is one of the Hudson VAlley's most visited places. The winery started operation back in 1839 and today still offers visitors the chance to taste some of the world's best wines. They offer tastings and guided tours of their underground wine cellars. Get more information on the winery and upcoming events online here.

The Washingtonville Five

9/11 is remembered in all parts of the Hudson Valley but in Washingtonville, there is a special monument to remember five members of the FDNY that were lost on that tragic day. Bill from Washingtonville texted, "Washingtonville is home to an incredibly beautiful monument to five members of the FDNY who lost their lives on 9/11. These men, known as 'The Washingtonville Five,' are Dennis Devlin, Glenn Perry, Bob Hamilton, Gerry Nevins, and Mark Whitford". Gone but not forgotten! The monument is located at Memorial Park on Ahern Blvd, b/t Arrowpoint Ln, and Washington Blvd.


Community Events for Everyone

Washingtonville is known for going above and beyond every time they put together any type of community event. In years past they have done fun events involving the "Grinch", their yearly Halloween trunk or treat event always attracts hundreds of participants. This summer they are holding "Splash Park Market in the Park" events. They held one in July and are scheduled to have another one on August 13th from 10-3 pm at Vern Allen Park in Washingtonville!

Worst Hudson Valley Bridges to Drive Across

The five main Hudson river crossings ranked from worst to first with commuter comments.

Designer Home Featured on TV For Sale in Orange County New York

Property is being offered for sale in the Hudson Valley near Shawangunk Ridge which has two homes on the grounds designed by Cristy Lee McGeehan. The homes have been featured on TV. The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and others have featured this property where Hudson Valley historic homes meet modern stylish renovations with a whimsical twist to the past. Every inch of this classic property has been brought to life with the new design touch.

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