So many great small towns around the Hudson Valley it is hard to know about everything there is to do in each one. That is why we like to ask you, the community who live in the towns, If we stop by what should we do while we visit?

It is fun to hear about what you can do in a town from the people who call it home. You always know about the places that might get overlooked if you were just passing through on a Sunday and weren't sure where to stop.

Where is Washingtonville New York

This week we focused on a town in Orange County, New York. We asked you what should we do in Washingtonville a town that has a population of around 5600 people according to the 2020 census. Washingtonville which was first settled in 1731 has a rich history and can boast that it is the Home to America's Oldest Winery. Read more about its history here.

Is Washingtonville, New York Home to Any Celebrities

FUN Fact: Susan shared that Mel Gibson went to elementary school in Washingtonville until he moved away in 1968. Apparently, he completed 6th grade and then left for Australia.

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Brotherhood America's Oldest Winery
Brotherhood America's Oldest Winery

Things to Do When Visiting Orange County, New York

The present day has a lot to offer too as we discovered by people's replies to our Facebook question what to do in Washingtonville. Quite a few people recommended Guilty Pleasures Cheesecake, The Brotherhood Winery was mentioned along with the restaurant 1839 Restaurant & Bar. Washingtonville is also home to Witchingtonville which will be held this year on October 21, 2023 (Update: this event is now being held Sat and Sun get Details Here.). There is so much to do Washingtonville even has its own Community Events Page on Facebook.

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1839 Restaurant & Bar via Facebook
1839 Restaurant & Bar via Facebook

We have put a gallery together of things you can do in Washingtonville. The gallery by no means is everything you will find to do if you visit this vibrant town in Orange County so please continue to share places we should add to the list.

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Place to Go If You Have 24 Hours to Spend in Washingtonville, New York

Places to Go in Washingtonville New York

We asked the Hudson Valley where to go when you visit Washingtonville New York and here are some of the places they shared. Let us know who you would add to the list.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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