I saw a post today on social media that brought back memories of one of my favorite shops in the Hudson Valley. Hard to believe it has been almost two whole years since I was able to hop in and get someone a gift at the Corner Candle Shop in Washingtonville, New York.

I was in college when I first discovered the shop after I had taken the long way around bring a friend home who lived in Beaver Dam Lake. We drove past at the time and I remarked hey that looks like a cute shop which my friend replied it is want to stop in? So we did and after that it was on my short list for great places to get cool gifts.

The Old Corner Candle Store in Washingtonville, New York

Corner Candle Store 45 via Facebook
Corner Candle Store 45 via Facebook

Sadly back in November of 2021 the Corner Candle Shop suffered a devastating fire. The historic building that housed the shop was too damaged for the business to re-open for the holiday season. In December of that year I reported on an effort to keep the holiday shopping opportunities going for the Washingtonville Corner Candle Shop, to be honest I never heard how that panned out.

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Then today I saw in the Facebook Group Washingtonville Community News a question posed to the group which asked.

Let's have a little fun....
What wonderful new small business would we love to see housed here????

Washingtonville Community News via Facebook
Washingtonville Community News via Facebook

Last I checked they had an over whelming response some of course like me wishing the Candle Shop would return but many had interest in it being a café or family restaurant. There were also suggestions that it be a community space for gatherings such as kids parties and Paint N Sips.

If I hear that any of these suggestions actually end up in this historic Washingtonville location I will be sure to spread the word.

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