I am not a fan of any snake but I am learning to live with them in my yard. I realize they do have a purpose beyond scaring me half to death. That's why each year as the weather gets warmer my dog and I establish personal boundary space with the local snake population. I have had actual conversations with some that just seem to slither and watch while I work in the yard.

My house backs up a large wooded area where all kinds of creepy crawly creatures choose to live. Because of this my house can sometimes feel like an episode of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. If I am dating my self with that analogy oh well.

Simply stated the birds and deer and frogs and bugs along with the snakes and my neighbors cats regularly have a stand offs in my yard. Recently I have added to that a bunny and a number of chipmunks. At any given time of day I can have a wild life encounter on my back porch. So for that reason Minnie Pearl and I have had to set a perimeter just so that we don't end up having the shock of our lives every time we head out for a walk. It seems most of the woodland creatures are getting it, but this year the snakes are slow learners.

To date I have stepped on one. Minnie has cornered one in her fenced in space. My landscaper has run one over in the yard with the mower. And I have one who has set up residence in my wood pile. Fortunately they are all relatively harmless accept that they can startle you to death. I may have to rename my house Slytherin.


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