They Are Necessary But Oh So Scary
They are consider a natural form of pest control so why wouldn't you want snakes in your yard? Most in New York State are harmless. But harmless or not they can startle you to death.
Name Jess' New Snake
Well, I have a new neighbor. It just happens that my neighbor is a snake. It grosses me out, but we're not getting rid of him so I need some name suggestions.
Venomous Snakes in The Hudson Valley
A video of a timber rattlesnake near Mount Beacon from 2013 recently resurfaced on Facebook. Since it's hiking season, let's get acquainted with the venomous snakes that reside here in the Hudson Valley.
Downside of Spring
Now that Spring has finally arrived, bugs are coming back from their vacation and revisiting us here in the Hudson Valley. I'm a girl, yes, but bugs don't really phase me. I don't need anyone killing spiders for me, I'm so used to seeing stink bugs that I consider them friends (a…